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About Flint

What is Flint?

Flint is a Philippine real estate crowdfunding platform. The flint platform is made exclusively for investors who like to invest in Philippine real estate properties.


What Makes Us Different?

At Flint, we have pre-funded real estate properties in our real estate porfolio. This means users can quickly purchase share of the real estate property (or more)regardless of whether or not total Flint user investment has reached the investment amount of property selected. Moreover, pre-funding the properties allows Flint to secure higher interest rates and accelerate investment closing so users can earn the interest quickly.

Andre Mercado, CEO & Founder
Flint's Story

How We Started

The vision for Flint started Mid of 2019 where the rise of real estate properties is increasing rapidly where it makes more challenging for average Filipinos, OFW and seafarers to consider property investment as an alternative. At the same time, a lot of investment ideas are also arising but not safe or it can be difficult to understand. With REIT still being regulated by the government, the solution is to navigate through an idea of Crowdfunding specifically for Real Estate, that’s the birth of Flint.

But that was just the idea to start, putting everything together is the most challenging part. We need to make key partnerships to execute it because the vision is to make it convenient, safe and regulated. We need to bring in the experts and leaders for both industries of crowdfunding and real estate, that’s where Seedin and Remax came in. Countless hours of exercises, developments, processes, and legal consultations happened to finally launch Flint last December 17, 2019. With the right intention, sticking with the vision and open to collaborating to create a bigger impact made Flint a success. Personally, I have to be strong, courageous and mentored almost every day not just financially and physically but also spiritually. Launching the first-ever tech-enabled Real Estate Crowdfunding is not the main goal but what’s important is we do it the right way.

our incredible timeline

We Provide Investment Advice, financial, tax & estate planning


Flint was established

December 2019
55M Funded projects

Reached 10 funded projects amounting to 55M

October 2020
162M Funded Projects

Reached 29 funded projects amounting to 162M

March 2020
International Reach

Flint is used by locals and OFWs alike

April 2021
August 2020
2k User Milestone

2,000 active Flint users

January 2020
7k User Milestone

7,000 active Flint users

April 2021
10k User Milestones

10,000 active Flint users

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