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Flint is the first, tech-enabled low-cost Philippine real estate crowdfunding platform that is made for investors who like to invest in Philippine real estate properties.

The information and services provided by the platform can only be enjoyed by the registered members of Flint. And for legal purposes, the minimum age that is required is 18 years old. For foreigners and foreign-born investors, as long as there are no legal issues and that they passed the account verification by our Customer Support team.

Flint provides fixed and safe return on investment (ROI) at a lower capital investment. Flint also provide account security and a user-friendly interface. And being accessible online, it made investing much easier.

Informations that is provided to Flint is strictly private and confidential in line with the data privacy laws. Flint is built, developed and managed by the in-house development team, this ensures the safety and security of the account and compliance to the Data Privacy Laws and Regulations.

Registration process only have three simple steps to start investing to a low-cost Philippine real estate properties. Register using your email address and verified contact number, get verified by providing two valid IDs and proof of billing, and get started by choosing from our real estate portfolio.

For Flint short-term investment gives more liquid funds than long-term investments, and that is due to quicker turn-over rates and that it allows more profits on assets to remain it liquid and reusable.

Flint has a strict vetting process that we follow and all properties that are for funding are all backed up with collaterals and loan agreement. Please see this link on how to crowdfund your property.

Part of the vetting process and evaluation of crowdfund request were business and feasibility plan of the development plus market and revenue research of every project.

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Built, developed, and managed by our in-house development team, we employ means to ensure the safety and security of your account and compliance with applicable Data Privacy laws and regulations. All information provided to Flint is strictly private and confidential according to applicable data privacy laws. Flint is also powered by SeedIn PH’s efficient financial system, which supports Flint’s crowdfunding ecosystem.

Most projects have a minimum investment amount of PHP 1000, but some projects differ.

It depends on the maturity period of the property but would from range 6 to 8 months.

Yes, you can invest in multiple projects.

No, you cannot invest anymore. Once the property is fully funded, it will no longer be available.

Yes, you can still invest but you have to be 18 years old and above.

Every project has a different fixed investment return.

No, the contract is non-transferrable.

After a month you will be notified regarding your idling balance. After 90 days, if you haven’t claimed your idling balance it would be credited back to your registered bank account.

Flint only offers short term investments and what an investor needs to consider before investing is the loan period and repayment method. Flint has two types of repayment: balloon and equal repayment.

Balloon repayment will put your principal funds on hold for the duration of the loan, but interest will be paid monthly.

Equal Repayment in which both principal and interest are spread over the term of the loan and paid monthly.

The projects that were offered to be crowdfunded are residential or commercial developments, government infrastructure projects, or renovation of an office space or facility. Stoppage or delay of construction or development of the projects are possible risks that might cause the issuer to delay to meet its obligations.

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